Friday, July 15, 2016

BBi Café

My son was at camp and my daughter ran across my very long list of restaurants I want to try and has been making me cross some of them off my list. Bbi Café and Sandwich Shop was one that has been on there forever and it looked good to her, so we drove over to check it out.

It’s a cute little place actually—actually really a pretty big place. They also have a large menu ranging from gyros to soups to salads to sandwiches and even some Mexican items. They also serve breakfast.

A little tip—the menu is all written on a big chalkboard behind the register (where you place your order) and there aren’t many details about each item up there. It might be best to peruse the menu online beforehand and get an idea (they spell out all the details online). They are happy to tell you what’s on everything, but seriously, there are A LOT of things on this menu. (I wish they had a printed detailed menu that you could look at to figure out what to get).

I got the Chicken Dagwood sandwich ($6.99). The sandwich has grilled seasoned chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, lettuce, tomato, avocado, provolone and mayo on toasted sourdough. I upgraded for like a buck to seasoned fries. They were seriously seasoned—my daughter thought they were too spicy but I thought they were pretty good. The fries themselves were just regular foodservice fries, but I liked that they jazzed them up a bit. My sandwich was quite good. They got the whole thing about pounding the chicken so it was thin and not too big and chewy. And it was appropriately sauced so it wasn’t dry at all. Nice amount of avocado and a nice amount of mayo. The only thing I would have changed is to make the mayo some sort of flavored one—I did get a side of the chipotle sauce for my fries and it was serious with it’s smoky heat. Almost a little over the top. But I would love some basil mayo or something like that on this sandwich.

My daughter had a half sandwich and soup ($5.99). She went with the gourmet grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. It was a good bowl of soup—seemed homemade with its chunks of carrot and celery and it hit the spot after being caught in a downpour outside. The grilled cheese had four cheeses—Colby, Swiss, provolone and American cheese all melted together on French bread. It was a good grilled cheese. It was exactly as you would expect.

It’s in an area on Georgetown road that has little else besides chains so I am guessing the locals appreciate it for that reason. They are doing a good job elevating basic stuff up a bit. I would totally check this place out for breakfast—one of my favorite meals, and I think a place like this would pull it off nicely. Have any of you guys ever eaten here?

BBi Café
4825 Oakbrook Drive
Indy  46254


  1. Jessica in ArcadiaJuly 15, 2016 at 5:53 AM

    My husband and I had lunch there, about a year ago, while making a trip to his favorite coffee roaster Bee Coffee. Our experience was similar...very good sandwich and homemade soup, friendly service. If I lived anywhere near there I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

  2. I worked near BBi about 10 years ago and we ate there for lunch often. I think the Greek and Spinach Apple salads were what I often ordered. They must have expanded the menu because I don't remember there being Mexican food. Or french fries, for that matter. I agree with Jessica, if I lived or worked closer, this restaurant would definitely be in the rotation.

  3. I've never heard of this place but it sounds great! Will definitely have to head up there ASAP!