Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flemings-Bar Menu

Hubby and I ran into Flemings the other night after an event—it was Saturday and it was late, so we figured our best bet in the area was a bar. I have always wanted to try their prime burger from the bar menu ($10 during their “Eight Nine Ten” happy hour from 8:00-10:00 in the bar). And we also got the tuna tartar tacos, which are $9 during the special menu times). 

The burger is pretty straightforward as far as the toppings go—there’s cheese and bacon on top and ketchup, onions, tomato and lettuce on the side. I will say, the meat itself is delicious—what you would expect from a prime burger at a steakhouse. We asked for it medium rare, and it was really probably more rare, but it was so fresh and tender, we were okay with it. I do kind of like the fancified sauces that some restaurants put on burgers, and if this one had one, I would have really, really liked it. But it was a very high quality burger. And the fries that come with it are also delicious. Thin and super crisp. Again, ketchup is pretty boring, but what are you going to do? Bring me some aioli or dijonaise anytime. The bones of the dish are very well done though, even if in a perfect world, I would alter the accompaniments.

The tuna tacos, though? No. They were not good. I guess there was some ahi on there somewhere, but between all the other stuff—radish and jicama slaw and “Thai vinaigrette,” you couldn’t even taste it. And it had a very distinctive sweet flavor that I just wasn’t into. I liked the little crunchy shells—and if they were filled with some nice acidic flavorful tuna with just a bit of accompaniments, they would be interesting. As they are, they are not worth ordering.

The burger definitely is good though. Next time I’ll at least ask for some mayo.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse
8487 Union Chapel Road
Indy 46240

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