Thursday, February 25, 2016

La Parada - Revisit

Quickie post—met a friend for lunch at La Parada the other day. He was craving Mexican food so we ended up there. I have been several times for tacos, but if I’m quite honest the last couple of times the tacos have let me down a bit. Not sure what it was, but they just didn’t wow me like they did the first couple of times.

So, since one of my current favorite things to order in a Mexican place is chilaquiles (this should surprise no one since they involve eggs generally) and they had them on the menu (really though, is there anything remotely Mexican that is not on this menu? It’s ridiculously huge), this is what I ordered--chilaquiles with eggs ($8.99)

Anyhow, the server asked me if I wanted green or red sauce and I couldn’t decide, so she did it half and half for me. That was nice. And as it turned out, I liked the green side better, a bit of acidic flavor and just a little more flavor in general. The only thing a little weird was that the eggs were just fried and placed on the side. I kinda like ‘em mixed in with my tortillas and sauce. I did it myself, but it just wasn’t the same. Tasted ok, but not my favorite version.

We also had chips and salsa (I mean you get that free). They salsa they give you is good, just the right amount of fresh flavor and chunkiness. We had some queso dip as well. It was just average. And not quite hot enough to start. But she happily microwaved it for us.
Friend's burrito

Overall, it was fine, but not something I am going to crave to try again soon. So where can I get some good chilaquiles in Indy? I mean besides Delicia at brunch, because those are delicious.

La Parada
1642 East New York Street
Indy   46201


  1. Los Chilaquiles not surprisingly has good chilaquiles!

  2. La Mulita has really good Chilaquiles, they are made with tomatillo salsa instead of the Delicia mole. Have you ever been to Biscuits? They don't have Chilaquiles all the time but they are good as hell.

  3. I second Biscuits... Chilaquiles are often a special there!