Monday, November 2, 2015

Santorini Greek Kitchen - Revisit

I met a friend for lunch the other day and we decided Greek food sounded good. I suggested Santorini because it’s been ages. I don’t think I have been in there since they had a fire a few years back.

They don’t really have a lunch menu specifically--well they do, but I can’t see a lot of differences in the two-- but they have some smaller things and I didn’t want to overeat—so I went with an appetizer order of spanakopita ($8) and a cup of Avgolemeno soup ($4.25). Both were good. I enjoyed the combination of the two—the crunch and the cheesy richness of the spanakopita and the tanginess of the soup. The soup is a traditional Greek soup that appeals to me because it has lemon in it—and this one had a real lemony kick to it. My dining companion didn’t care for it—I think it was too tart for him, but I enjoyed it—especially when you ate it with the orzo. It had a creamy feel to it, even though it’s a broth-based soup. There are eggs in, which really helps thicken it. The spanakopita is are little individually wrapped triangles, which is my favorite way to wrap them, because you get lots of phyllo, and therefore, lots of crunch. They serve it with some tzaziki to dip in. (It’s a yogurt sauce with cucumber and Santorini’s is a fine version. Nothing stands out about it particularly, but I do like having something to dip into).

My friend had a gyro sandwich ($10). The sandwich version came with one side (he had salad) –the platter version comes with the full traditional Greek sides—rice, green beans and potatoes. It was pretty solid—a fair amount of the gyro meat (it’s made of lamb and beef) and it’s topped with tomatoes, onion and tzaziki. There was also some cheese sprinkled on top and it's all served on a pita. Honestly, gyros are not my favorite thing, but this one seemed on par with most I have had.

Overall, I feel like Santorini is a good option for Greek in Indy—I also feel like I have never had a meal at a Greek restaurant in town that has really stood out among the rest. I don’t feel like any are bad, and some are slightly better than others, but I have never had one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. What about you?

Santorini Greek Kitchen
1417 Prospect Street
Indy 46203

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  1. I've been to Santorini once, and that was enough to recognize the food isn't really any good. If you want good Greek food you'll have to take a drive down to Bloomington and check out Topos 403. I doubt you'll find any in Indy.