Thursday, September 17, 2015

Milktooth - Revisit

After hearing so much about Milktooth lately (I mean they can hardly get more good press right now can they? Did you see them in Bon Appetit?), I was itching to go back, so I made a date with my friend @indyfoodswap to meet there. We were both starving when we got there and wanted to order everything on the menu. We restrained ourselves somewhat, and just got 3 different things—one was technically listed as a side, so that really doesn’t even count.

We had the Cuban lamb frita ($9), which is the current version of the lamb patty melt I had (and loved) in the past. This is seasoned differently (hence the “Cuban” part) and was equally delicious. The lamb patty is served on a bun and topped with white American cheese, pineapple, pickled jalapenos and chile ketchup. You can add a sunny side egg up for $2.50. Is there any doubt that we went for this as well? It had a delicious blend of flavors with the briny but spicy jalapenos and the richness from the cheese and egg. The brioche bun holds up well here. They also season their eggs nicely, which is good since there’s no salt or pepper on the table (more on that in a minute).

The other thing we ordered, as it turns out, was a perfect dish to combine with the hearty burger. It was the blue cheese and baby red potato salad ($12). The red leaf lettuce, tender whole potatoes, and thick sliced marinated matsutake mushrooms were a nice balance to the sandwich. The lettuce was sort of stacked on top and was covered with super thin red onions (one of my favorite garnishes on nearly anything). The blue cheese aspect was in a thick rich dressing sitting underneath everything else and it was amazingly dense and blue-cheesy. The light acid that coated the lettuce and that was in the mushrooms was perfect with it. I really enjoyed the salad, even if it seemed a tad on the small side for the price. 

The only slight disappointment was the quinoa grits ($4) that we had topped with bacon, scallions and an egg for an additional $3. Nothing wrong with the bacon here, but the saltiness just wasn’t enough to carry the egg and the large bowl of quinoa. They made the quinoa into what really was a nice creamy pile of grit-like goodness, but the whole dish was under seasoned and could have benefited greatly from a salt and pepper shaker on the table. 

But, oh, my, we also shared a "boozy campfire chocolate chip cookie." ($4). I am always a sucker for a s'mores type anything, and this cookie was no exception. It was super chocolately and topped with a wonderfully charred marshmallow. There was a sprinkle of salt on top which just added a little pop to everything else. Totally worth ordering.

I’m always impressed by the amount of creativity going into the menu at Milktooth. I love how they mix things up and are constantly surprising you with new menu items. I’m happy for them that they are getting so much good press. It’s nice to see great place in Indy getting attention for a change.

540 Virginia Ave
Indy  46203

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  1. Would they have given you a salt and pepper shaker if you had asked? Those really should be on the table by default, no matter how perfect a place thinks their food is.