Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dancing Donut (Food Truck)

So far I have left donut reviews to my twitter friend @GwenderWoman who loves to try them all and write about them for me, but the other day the kids and I were at the Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace and there was a Dancing Donut truck there, so we decided to take advantage of the situation and give them a go. My problem with donuts is that I never seem to want them for breakfast, when they are most available. I am just not a sweet eater in the mornings.

We tried two different kinds of donuts that they had on this day, the chocolate glazed yeast ($2) and the brown butter crumble ($3). So I was the one who ordered the brown butter crumble because it seemed like a grown up fancy donut that I should try. My kids wanted the chocolate glazed.  So guess which one was the best? Yep, the chocolate glazed. And it was fabulous. First of all, it’s huge, but it is also super soft and airy, with just the right amount of choclately goodness without being over the top. It is a simple donut that shines because of the simplicity. I ended up finishing both of theirs off.

Don’t get me wrong, the brown butter crumble was good too, but really just over the top sweet. It was a slightly denser yeast donut (and not quite as big) topped with a very rich buttery icing and then crumbles of nut-looking topping and brown sugar crumbs. I was sort of expecting the “brown butter” aspect to give it a different kind of flavor, but it really was just full on sweet. I enjoyed it, but after a few bites, I couldn’t eat any more of it.

So that’s it, the only ones I have gotten to try so far, but I welcome other suggestions about other flavors to try, and other donut places to try, so let’s hear them.

Dancing Donut
1134 East 54th Street
Indy 46220


  1. Erin, donuts? Like a donut for breakfast does not always leave you full, not a complete breakfast, I feel sad this am like I did not get my full Thursday a.m. fix at IRS (ooh-bad shorthand for the site). Hahaha. I am just teasing. I love the site, the variety, the description and photos. (From, Jay I.)

  2. A friend and I have tried both Rocket 99 and Dancing Donut and were underwhelmed by both donut shops. Rocket 99's donuts were dry and some of the donuts were tasteless. Three adults and five children tried the donuts and we all used the same words to describe them, and none of the words were good. Dancing Donut were better but we were still underwhelmed by the texture of the donuts. We are big fans of Flying Cupcake and our expectations for the Dancing Donut were high. All of us concluded that we were much happier with the quality, taste and cost of Long's donuts versus these two establishments.

  3. General American Donut company is my favorite of the new trendy donut shops. Theirs are consistently delicious, especially the coffee and cream (yeast donut, coffee flavored glaze, filled with a big dollop of fresh whipped cream....soooo good). I also thought rocket 88 was dry. I was disappointed in Dancing Donut. They just weren't anything special.

  4. Just enjoyd the Jane Donut from Dancing Donuts which is a large donut topped with choc and sprinkles. I too was disappointed with the donut. The texture of the donut was not what I would associate with a fresh donut. Had I have not paid $3 for it I wouldnt have waisted the calories. I have had better donuts from the Circle K.

  5. In my family we are HUGE donut lovers. We were driving to Gen. Am. Donut Co. on a regular basis (which we LOVE), but we live just east of Broad Ripple. We were excited when Dancing Donut opened and have been there several times and have always been happy & delighted w/our donuts. I think we've tried just about everything, but we tend to buy chocolate donuts more heavily than anything else (the Éclair Huxtable is a particular fave). And no one can decorate a store like the owner Kate Bova! So adorable. We are also huge Flying Cupcake fans and love all of her locations.