Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kona Jack's - Revisit (sushi edition)

Hubby and I stopped in at Kona Jack’s after an appointment that took us nearby. We haven’t been in quite a long time, and I’m not sure that we’ve ever gone in with just the intention of getting sushi only. I love that an independent place is so busy even after all these years.

It was kind of cold so I started with some miso soup ($2). It was a fairly large bowl of soup, and I loved all the giant chunks of tofu in it—really big tender pieces, not the little bitty dices you usually get. The only thing about the soup though was it was pretty darn salty. Not sure if it’s always that way or just this one was. Still good, just a little heavy on the salt.

For sushi we got the special of the day, which was called the “Tampa roll” ($14). It had battered and fried grouper inside along with avocado and wasabi tobiko (the little teeny fish eggs) and was drizzled with spicy mayo. It was really super delicious. Too bad it’s not on the regular menu, because I would totally order it again. Fried grouper is not something I would get in a sushi roll at most places but at Kona Jack’s, because they do a lot of fresh fish, I had faith it would be good and it was. It had nice crunch, just a touch of wasabi flavor (I don’t usually use wasabi with sushi, but I liked this hint of the flavor) and the spicy mayo was just the right amount. They were a little on the big side, but manageable.

We also ordered the hot and spicy tuna roll ($8) and it was good as well. Not quite so much going on, but still a good mix of flavors and textures. There was spicy tuna inside as well as baby radish sprouts, giving it nice fresh crunch. The tuna was good quality—better than what you often get with spicy tuna—chopped but not so fine it’s almost a paste. The menu also said there was Kona sauce, but I didn’t see any sauce.

All in all, I think Kona Jack’s is a good place to grab a quick sushi lunch. I love that afterwards I can check out the fish counter and bring something home for dinner too.

Kona Jack’s
9419 North Meridian Street
Indy 46260

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