Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grub House

Hubby and I woke up one morning a couple weekends ago and were really craving a greasy type of breakfast—you know how that goes sometimes. Of course, my mind instantly starts thinking of whether there is somewhere new to go that I can write about. I remembered driving past Grub House when I come home from downtown. So that’s where we went. We were the only ones in there for a bit, and the interior is very clean, although a little sparse other than the big graffiti art mural on the wall. There’s a glassed in window and it is sort of unclear whether you order there or what, but a lady came out and gave us menus and told us to have a seat. She waited on us throughout, although others came in and ordered at the window, so who knows. That window and the thick metal door separating the kitchen from the dining room lends a sort of vibe that they are worried about security.

I ordered the “4 Whole Wings” breakfast ($9.25) that comes with 4 fried chicken wings, two eggs any style, toast or biscuit, and one side (I got the fried potatoes—they also offer grits, rice with butter or a fruit cup). I appreciate the way the server warned me that the fried chicken takes a little longer.  I really enjoyed my breakfast. Especially the super crispy chicken wings. They were nice and meaty and well seasoned—I didn’t even throw on salt or pepper. Bits of the crispy outside flaked all over the place. There was certainly plenty of crunch. My eggs were cooked just the way I ordered them (over easy) and I liked the way the person cooking them seasoned them well with salt and pepper.  The potatoes were interesting—clearly homemade and I couldn’t quite figure out what the ingredients were—almost like an onion soup flavor. Very savory. I think I might prefer them at dinnertime. They were quite rich. I would guess the biscuits were not housemade and came from a bag or a tube, but they still tasted good with everything and you needed some bread to eat with the runny eggs.

Hubby ordered biscuits and gravy ($4.50) with a side of eggs ($1.99) and bacon ($3). He thought the biscuits and gravy were fine, but not as good as some others in town. They had a peppery kick, but not much else that stood out. And they were the same biscuits mentioned above. They hold up because they’re fairly dense and crisp on the outside. One thing hubby didn’t like was that the eggs were on top, and once he broke into them, they watered down the gravy too much. I thought the bacon was decent for diner type bacon. We’re not talking fancy bacon, but it was cooked well and had had a good salty taste (so often cheaper bacon has no flavor at all).
I don’t love eating a meal like this from Styrofoam plates with plastic utensils, but I get that some places just don’t have the space to do dishes. It would really knock this place up a notch if they had actual dishes and silverware though. And when I ordered OJ, it was just a plastic bottle of Tropicana brought to the table. The people were very nice though and that chicken was delicious. I would totally frequent for that basic breakfast (or lunch, which they are also open for) if it were in my neighborhood.

The Grub House
1953 N. College Ave
Indy  46202

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