Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bourbon Street Distillery

Fresh from getting my haircut downtown and starving, I ran next door to Bourbon Street Distillery. I had never been there before but several people have mentioned it whenever I get into an online discussion of where to get a good pork tenderloin sandwich. So naturally, that is what I tried (although tempted by the po boys, anyone had those?).

The sandwich ($8.75) was a good tenderloin for sure. It was a good size but not ridiculous compared to the bun. The menu says they use ½ pound of pork—it is a decent thickness, not the kind that are so thin that they are often dried out. It was fairly tender and the coating was nicely seasoned and crisp. It was fresh and hot. I liked the way that they brought all the toppings on the side to dress as you wish, particularly since I only ate half of it and took the other half home. Not having mayo on the half I took home helped it stay crisp when reheated. I like mine with mayo and onion (and this time I used a bit of the lettuce and the pickle as well, which was nice and added some more crunch). The red onions were perfect—super thinly sliced which is exactly how I like them so the onion doesn’t overpower. Nice pickle spear on the side too.

The sandwich comes with fries or chips and I went with fries. They tasted decent for foodservice fries. The service was very matter of fact, but very efficient for a quick weekday lunch. And even though I was sitting outside, the server checked on me just enough. I only poked my head inside the place, but the bar in there looked a bit nicer than I was imagining and was quite crowded (as was the outdoor area).

All in all, the sandwich hit the spot, and I would feel comfortable recommending it as an example of a good tenderloin in Indy. I’m still wondering about the po boys though. And anything else good there?

Bourbon Street Distillery
361 North Indiana Ave
Indy  46204

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  1. I haven't been there in a while, but I used to go for the Double Decker BLT. Pig Heaven!! Also, drink specials on Wednesday were my excuse.

  2. They have a smoked pork chop with red beans and rice on their lunch menu that must be the best value in Indy. And their lunch specials - particularly those which are fish-related - are truly that, special. They really know their way around fish. Their fried calamari is the best I've ever eaten (and I've eaten loads of squid).