Monday, August 18, 2014

George's Neighborhood Grill- Revisit

After a recent back to school event the family and I decided to hit George’s again. It’s in our neighborhood and it had been awhile. I appreciate having a large family style restaurant that is independently owned, even though it isn’t a place I frequent on a regular basis.

Luckily, it was a nice night and we had decided to sit outside (they have a nice patio) because when I walked in to get a table, there was a band playing in the bar and it was pretty darn loud. Even in the non-bar part of the restaurant, conversation would have been a bit difficult.

We were all arguing over which appetizer to share and couldn’t agree so we splurged and got a sampler platter (not cheap at $15.99 but basically three different things for the price of two apps). I appreciate that you can choose pretty much any of the appetizer choices. As it turns out, they basically give you three full sized apps, so it is a good deal, although a more appropriate choice size-wise for a larger group. We had quesadillas (daughter’s choice), onion straws (son) and fried mushrooms (me and hubby). I have had their fried mushrooms before and really enjoyed them. I am pretty sure they are making them in house and they have a nice crunchy exterior and I like the horseradish dipping sauce. Last time I had them they were much smaller though, which I preferred, making them easy to pop in your mouth. These had to be cut making the crunchy exterior fall off a bit. Quesadillas were surprisingly good—the tortillas nice and crisp. The onion straws were food service I’m guessing and were pretty much what you would expect. We had a lot of these left over.

So we had had the pork tenderloin sandwich ($8.49) in the past and enjoyed it—so hubby and I agreed to share it (he ordered it) and I would try something new—the fish tacos ($8.99). They’re soft tacos filled with grilled tilapia, a cabbage slaw, pico, jack cheese and an avocado cream sauce (so says the menu).The thing I really didn’t like about the tacos was the pico. I was expecting a classic pico with tomatoes and onions and this was full of cucumber. Not a fan. To be fair, it was on the “healthy option” part of the menu, but these were just not that good. I even tried to squeeze some lime and improve them, but it didn’t really help.

The tenderloin was as good as always—really crispy fried with a fair amount of seasoning. There was a nicely toasted bun, slightly undersized for the meat, but that’s classic right?

The kids both had burgers—one of them really liked it and the other one didn’t. Hubby (whose opinion I trust more) thought they were quite good. They asked how they wanted them cooked (medium) and they were nice and slightly pink.

All in all, as I suspected, I’m still thinking George’s is a place to stick with the basics—the fried stuff that is made in house is well done. Venturing beyond that can be more questionable. The menu is quite large too, so it’s easy to get curious about other things. Although if you have a favorite non-fried item, I would love to hear about it!

George’s Neighborhood Grill
6935 Lake Crossing, Suite B-12-15
Indy 46220

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  1. We go to George's as much as we go anywhere, it's super close to us. My husband always gets the ribs when they are on special, he really likes them, and I always get the hummus and a dinner salad with the black cherry dressing. The hummus is served with pita and olives, red onion and cucumber and the salad is just a regular one but I love that dressing. They have good soups and wraps for lunch, too.