Monday, February 24, 2014

Crepe Guys

Hubby and I had a quick lunch in Castleton again and decided to hit up Crepe Guys. This place is pretty new and originally was going to open over near 86th and Ditch, but then ended up appearing over in Castleton. Again, I was excited because a new independent place is always welcome (and unusual) on our side of town.

It’s a little bit of a strange interior—there’s a weird mix of modern and kind of an “unfinished barn” décor going on in here. You order at the register and then pick a table. They bring the crepes out to you when they’re done (and you can watch them making them if you want). Would love to see a little better silverware (it's just plastic on paper plates) but maybe they don't have a place to wash it, I don't know.

I ordered “the breakfast” crepe ($6.99) because, duh, eggs,  (you can get it anytime). It was the crepe filled with bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, jack cheese and your choice of mayo, ranch or honey mustard (I chose ranch). I had them hold the ham because I am not always a fan of ham unless it’s really good quality. I was sort of hoping they would add more bacon instead, but I don’t think they did based on the somewhat small amount that was in there.  The crepes are somewhat dense in their consistency, which was okay with a decent amount of savory fillings. I thought the breakfast crepe was decent—the eggs weren’t overcooked and it was fairly cheesy. There wasn’t a lot of the bacon and it wasn’t crisp at all, nor very good. Adding some decent bacon quality could do a lot to make this thing go from being good to being much better.

Hubby had the smoked salmon crepe ($8.99). This one was pretty good as well—having a decent amount of the salmon stood up to the thickness of the crepe and it had nice flavor from sour cream, spinach, and capers. One of the problems was the way the crepes were made and folded into fairly small triangles, they ended up with a lot of the crepe folded on top of the ingredients and itself, and it was already kind of thick (in general I prefer my crepes a little thinner and crisper). So you ended up with a lot of crepe to filling ratio.

This became even more apparent with the dessert crepe we shared—the banana nutella ($6.99). According to the menu, this crepe includes bananas, nutella, chocolate cream, powdered sugar and whipped cream. All I really got was a lot of banana and a lot of crepe. This was where the thickness of the crepe really became a weakness—the sweet crepe fillings, since they were more of a light spread of the nutella (I didn’t really get chocolate cream here), didn’t hold up to the thickness of the crepe. You couldn’t really taste them much..

If you kind of look at it like a sandwich shop (the crepes are dense enough I think to make the comparison), I can see stopping in for a savory one now and then if you work on that side of town. They weren’t bad. They would be even better if they stepped up the quality of some of the ingredients a bit. I would guess that a lot of the meats are of the lunch meat quality, although I can't be sure. I would take a pass on the sweet ones though.

The Crepe Guys
5955 E 82nd Street
Indy 46250
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  1. Erin - you should try 3 Day in Paris in the City Market in downtown Indianapolis. Their crepes are amazing! The line builds up quickly so it's good to time your arrival before 11:30. Brad Gates Catering also has a stand in the City Market and it's definitely worth a visit.

  2. Hmmm...wonder if they're the same place (same name) that used to be over here on the east side, at 10th & Mitthoefer. If so, not a fan. The veggies were all canned, and yes, the meats were lunchmeats. Yuck. I second the rec for the crepe place at City Market, though--delish!!