Monday, October 28, 2013

Food Truck: Big Ron's Bistro

You have to love it when the food trucks come to where you’re going to be—such was the case the other day when several of them came to our kids’ school bonfire.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to try Big Ron’s Bistro truck—one that I hadn’t really heard much about.

They have a pretty wide menu, and the kids were happy with a hotdog and a chicken and cheese quesadilla (neither of which did I get a bite of before they ran off with their friends) but hubby and I went with the sandwiches, which seem to be the specialty of the place. They are all served on Texas toast-style bread that is grilled with garlic butter. I already liked it when I saw that theme running through.

I chose the California chicken club ($8), which was a marinated and seasoned chicken breast with fresh spinach, tomato, and avocado and a healthy smear of red pepper pesto mayo. Oh, and did I mention, PICKLED RED ONIONS? Only one of my favorite things. Right up there with avocado. This sandwich was made for me—and it was a damn fine sandwich. Even the chicken, and even as a large whole chunk of chicken breast was good because it was actually tender and had a fair amount of flavor on its own. But add those onions, and the slightly spicy, slightly tangy spread and the garlic flavor on the bread and this sandwich had it going on. The only thing I would change in a completely perfect world would be to slice up the chicken so that it was evenly distributed on the bread. (What? I am always thinking of ways to make something better even when it’s already really, really good). I gave a bite to hubby and to a friend who was there and they both agreed it was delicious. I would have a hard time ever getting anything else.

Hubby had the pulled pork sandwich ($7) which is pork marinated in Sriracha BBQ sauce and topped with a vinegar-based cole slaw on the same garlic buttered bread.  It was also really good and had a nice balance between the spicy (but not too hot) tender pork and the acidic cole slaw. While we both agreed we liked my sandwich the best, this one was quite good as well.

A friend ordered some of their fries, which are heavily doused in seasoning salt, and were a bit much for me (I think I have mentioned I am not a big fan of too much of that stuff). They also offer garlic fries, which might be worth trying. The fries were decently crisp for a truck. And actually, there are several other sandwiches that certainly sound worth trying.  Honestly, I haven’t eaten at a lot of the food trucks, but I have tried several, and this is one of the better ones I have had. If it was a sandwich I could get in a restaurant, I would go get it. It was very well done.

As for food trucks overall, I guess the thing that you realize when you see them in a large crowd, is that while they are nice and mobile, they still aren’t particularly fast. Luckily, I was there early and got my food quickly. Later in the evening, the lines for the several food trucks were long and pretty slow. I did notice that Big Ron’s is probably one of the quickest I have seen.

Anyhow, I would keep my eye out for Big Ron’s—it’s a truck worth trying.

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  1. Big Ron is (was?) the bartender at Dawsons in Speedway! He's great!