Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rosie's Place - Revisit

I wrote about Rosie’s awhile back, but I had not been there with the family, so one Sunday we felt like a drive and headed up to Noblesville. I think Noblesville has done a nice job with their old town center—keeping the historical buildings intact as well as supporting pretty much only locally owned businesses. I think that’s pretty impressive these days.

Anyway, we only had to wait a couple of minutes, even though the place was doing a hustling business. They have a pretty large menu (breakfast and lunch available) but all of us but my son were lured in by specials on this day.

I had a special breakfast sandwich with eggs that were scrambled with fresh chives, gouda cheese, fresh spinach and bacon all on challah bread. There were breakfast potatoes served with it. My favorite part of the sandwich was the perfectly toasty bread—a slightly sweet, eggy bread sliced just the right thickness. It was so light and buttery, it almost fell apart as you ate it. The eggs were nicely done as well. They weren’t overcooked and had a nice lightness to them that is often hard to find in a busy breakfast place—and they were lightly seasoned as well. The other ingredients were fine. The bacon had good flavor, although it was little tiny pieces of bacon scattered on top which maybe easier to sort of portion over the sandwich, but they fell off when you were eating them ad I never got a good 
bacon-y bite. I preferred the bites of my son’s full pieces of bacon. The spinach was fresh and plentiful. The potatoes were just too soft and weren't really anything special.

Hubby had a special—the shrimp and grits (of course he did). Unfortunately, this dish was not very good. There was a large lump of the grits in the middle—and they were quite firm and not the slightly soupy, looser grits he prefers. There were several seasoned shrimps scattered around, but sadly, they were also a little on the firm side. Actually, now that I think of it, the eggs on top were also pretty darn firm with little runny yolk on them.  They were also sprinkled with bits of bacon. So yeah, this one sort of got the thumbs down. Just too firm and dry.

My daughter had another special—the "Samoas" pancakes. That’s right, Samoas like the girl scout cookies. Talk about decadent. There were three pancakes with chocolate ganache between each one, and more on top. Then, they also topped the chocolate on the top with a mound of caramelly coconut. This was pretty darn tasty. Ok, if I ate this for breakfast, I would be in a sugar coma for hours, but the chocolately bites I had were really good (the chocolate ganache is very good). My kids, on the other hand, were happy to finish it off. 

Rosie’s is a solid, friendly neighborhood place. This meal had its ups and downs for sure, but if it were my neighborhood, I am sure it would be a fairly frequent stop. The menu is very accessible, it’s family friendly and the ingredients are fresh.

Rosie’s Place
68 North 9th Street
Noblesville, IN 46060

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