Thursday, February 14, 2013

His Place Eatery

Apparently, good things come in old Waffle Houses. One of our regular go to places for margaritas and chips is La Hacienda, in an old Waffle House, and His Place is also in an old Waffle House. I love that they giant Waffle House sign is still visible behind the place too.  They have cleaned it up and given it a bright coat of paint.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the place half full at 11:30 when we got there, and get this; it was actually WARM in there! So rare in this town.

So I have been stalking this menu online because of the fried chicken, and knew that’s what I wanted to get.  They have many other menu options though including fried fish, rib tips, fried pork chops and the option of waffles with your fried chicken.  They have a great little lunch special for $6.99 which includes one of the entrees (with chicken you get two pieces of white or dark or 4 chicken wings), a side, and either white bread or homemade corn bread (like that’s even a decision).  So we each got one of these lunch plates, but I had to add an additional side in order to try as much as possible, which turned my lunch into a dinner which are $9.99.

I had the dark meat chicken (one leg, one thigh) and hubby had the 4 chicken wings.  The chicken was really good.  Super moist and tender—not overcooked, not undercooked, and the crust was of the deep fried type.  It was nice and crusty and little bits of it fell all over the place when you ate it.  It wasn’t super-highly seasoned, but you could taste a bit of seasoning in it (and you could see the flecks of pepper). It was very good, solid fried chicken.  Even hubby’s wings weren’t dried out.  I think we decided next time we would get one order of dark and one of white and switch so we could each have one piece of each type.

As for sides, hubby was bummed that they were out of greens that day (and apparently so were some other people around us, which made us just want to try them even more next time), but between us, we tried the mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and creamed corn with Bourbon.  First of all, the clear standout that we were fighting over was the corn. It was really good. It was whole corn kernels, bits of chopped onion and peppers, in a creamy sauce that included a hint of Bourbon (and parmesan cheese).  It was really good—the Bourbon gave it a nice, rich flavor and the cheese a little extra creaminess. This stuff is a must order.  My next favorite was probably the mac and cheese—it is homemade with several kinds of cheese. It was nice and smooth and cheesy, but it could have used a touch more seasoning. A bit of salt and pepper helped.  They also offered hot sauce. Probably should have thrown a bit on there too.  My least favorite was the mashed potatoes.  In fairness, I asked for them without gravy, which is probably a bad idea—they were pretty dry.  They were freshly made with bits of skin in them. I like my mashed potatoes creamy and gravy-free so I would take a pass on them next time (because I am totally getting the corn anyway). The cornbread was in the form of little muffins and was really good.  It was nice and moist with just the right amount of crumbly-ness.

The people in this place are great. Our server was really nice and immediately upon sitting down warned us what they were out of, which I appreciated so I didn’t get my heart set on anything (there are several items that they don’t make every day apparently—luckily I don’t think the corn is one of them). The food was out very quickly and I enjoyed the way the chef/owner walked around and talked to everyone in the place when he wasn’t cooking.  He obviously has a nice crew of regular customers. He recognized pretty quickly that we were new and welcomed us and made sure we knew about signing up for email offers, facebook and twitter.  He is obviously working hard to make his business a success and based on his crowd, I think he is doing a pretty good job. We certainly plan on returning.

His Place Eatery
6916 East 30th Street
Indy   46219

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