Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Good Morning Mama's - Lunch

Because of the breakfast kick I have been thinking about Good Morning Mama’s lately, but we generally only go out to eat breakfast on the weekends, and the place is crazy on the weekends.  So we decided to try it for lunch instead.  It was definitely not as crazy busy for lunch.

It was a cold day and something hot and melty sounded good—so I ordered the spinach melt ($6.99).  It was exactly what I wanted.  It was spinach and walnut pesto mixed with seasoned cream cheese, Swiss cheese, tomato and bacon all pressed together in a Panini press on wheat bread.  It was really good. Everything inside was warm and I really appreciated the bacon on the sandwich—honestly it made it for me.  I loved the creamy spinach taste which had that earthy flavor from the walnuts, but the saltiness and the denser texture of the bacon was the perfect combo together. It would just be too creamy without the bacon.  I debated on which side to get because I wanted something they were making in house (I wanted the potato pancakes but apparently they are not made there) so I ordered the mac and cheese ($1.99 up charge).  They may be making it there, but it is just noodles and Velveeta (or similar).  I am pretty sure this is prepared with the kid’s menu in mind.  I passed on eating the rest once I had my obligatory bite.  Next time I would try a different side.  But the sandwich was very good.

Hubby had the Reuben ($7.49) (which is one of his favorite sandwiches) with a side of fries ($1.99).  This was also really good and hit the spot on cold day.  Normally I am not a big fan of Reubens because the proportions are too out of whack for me (way too much meat, not enough other stuff). This one was really good though. They do their own corned beef and it was all kind of mixed together making for a creamy, cheesy mix of the meat, the Swiss, the Thousand Island dressing, and the sauerkraut.  I liked the way you got a taste of all the ingredients in every bite. Hubby always asks for extra Thousand Island dressing with a Reuben, but this one didn’t need it.  He got fries as his side ($1.99) but they were just your standard foodservice fries. Nothing special. As far as what we had for sides, I would take a skip on the extra 2 bucks (anyone had any of their sides that are really good?)

All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience and we sussed out from the server what are the least busy times on the weekend to go for breakfast or lunch so we can take the kids next time. I think they will like it—the sandwiches were good and the whole kitschy diner thing are right up their alley.

Good Morning Mama’s
1001 East 54th Street
Indy 46220


  1. My first thought when I saw the photo was "I wonder if the mac and cheese is actually good." It's such a letdown at most places. The best I've had was at Jan's Village Pizza in Westfield, but that's a bit to far to go for macaroni now that we live on the West side.

  2. I went there for lunch quite a while back.  My sandwich came out burned.  I told the waiter there is a fine line between Golden Brown & Delicious and burnt and this was the latter.  No offer to do anything about it.  Over his head.  He showed not interest in fixing the problem.    Sooooo, no repeat business.  Glad you had a good meal.

  3. I had a nice breakfast there some time ago. I had some kind of big burrito and my wife had some kind of cheesy omelet. Both were super. Fresh ingredients cooked perfectly.

    Server was excellent.  And I really like the neighborhood. Definitely will go try the Reuben. Sounds delicious.