Monday, August 13, 2012


I don’t usually do dessert places, but lately, for some reason we have been hitting several of them a lot.  It started this summer with BRICs—we have been before, but there is a growing obsession with it in my family.   It’s right on the Monon Trail too, so several times recently, after dinner somewhere in Broad Ripple (usually Brugge); we take a walk down to BRICS.

I have to admit, a lot of dairy doesn’t sit particularly well with me, but it is hard to resist at BRICS—the first time we went, hubby and I split the caramel x 3 which I am pretty sure is my favorite flavor to date—although it is hard to choose.  This is caramel ice cream with caramel swirls and little caramel filled chocolates mixed in.  Well worth the heartburn I often endure after too much dairy.

The most recent time we went with the kids, and I just had a bite (ok, several) of everyone else’s.  My daughter had the yellow cake batter which is rich golden ice cream that really tastes like cake batter with chocolate swirls throughout.  This may very well be my second favorite so far.

Hubby had one of the rotating flavors which involved lots of toffee—it was tasty too, but loved the caramel more.  My son went with chocolate chip cookie dough.  I love raw cookie dough (one of the main reasons I ever make cookies), but I am not as big of a fan of it in ice cream—something about the coldness takes away from the dough angle—but still tasty. If you are into cookie dough ice cream, I am sure you would like this one.

yellow cake batter
cookie dough

On this trip we also discovered the “briclet” which is a smaller-sized scoop than their normal scoop (which is huge).  The briclet is $2.70 and the regular scoop is $3.20.  Trust me, the briclet is enough.  We also got our cones chocolate dipped, which added $.60.  They have a ton of different cone options as well, from huge waffle cones (made in house), to the traditional cake and smaller waffle cones.  The people who work there are super friendly and happy to give you a free sample of any of the flavors.

They have a large list of regular flavors that they always carry as well as a rotating list of various special flavors. I like this so you don’t get bored—but thank goodness the caramel x 3 is one of the regulars!

901 East 64th Street
Indy  46220
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  1. Hi Erin! Thanks for the great review! We appreciate when our customers spread the word via blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You are our greatest advertisement! :) Happy you are willing to give in to dairy once in a while just for us! - LeAnn Newlin, GM, brics