Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Wok

On the recommendation of a friend, I stopped in to First Wok on the way home from downtown. I needed something fast and on the way home, and it fit the bill.  Plus it was new (to me), which always makes me happy.  Also on my friend’s recommendation, I got the chicken wings ($3.45) and a spring roll ($1.20)—and on my own I got some hot and sour soup ($1.85) because a girl cannot live on fried food alone, right?  It’s totally a little hole in the wall kind of place, only a couple of tables inside--it is mostly a carry out place.

I was a little hesitant about the wings. I don’t know that I have ever ordered wings at a Chinese place, but am always willing to give something a try.  He was right—they were really big, whole wings (not the sad little things you get at so many bars) and they were fried in tasty, crunchy batter.  Basically, just some really nice fried chicken.  There were 4 in an order which was pretty generous given the price and their size I thought.  And I was even kind enough to let hubby eat one of them.  He pretty much has been asking for them since.  Every time I say, “what should we get for dinner from out?” he is suggesting First Wok just so he can get some wings.

The spring roll was just ok I thought, it was hot and crunchy, but there was some flavor inside it that kind of bugged me—not sure what it was--maybe some certain spice. It was a little sweet almost.  The soup was squarely in the middle of hot and sours I have had. It wasn’t totally thick and gloppy like some are, and it had a decent flavor, although not so much heat.  Lots of the usual things in there—tofu, mushrooms, egg, and bamboo shoots.  I liked that they gave you a little bag of fried wonton chip to go with it (nothing like a little more fried right?)-- I like the crunchiness in my soup.
So, this wasn’t so much a meal as it was a random collection of items to snack on, but the wings are totally worth ordering, and I think it is now the closest fried chicken place to my house, even if it is a Chinese restaurant.  And I am inspired to try a few other items as well.  Anyone else ever been there?
First Wok
6219 Allisonville Road
Indy 46220

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  1. We get takeout from First Wok all the time. We regularly get the steamed veggies w/ shrimp, mongolian beef or chicken, pepper steak, general tso's, and hot and sour soup. My daughter loves the lo mein and fried rice too :)

    I've tried a lot of different strip mall chinese places in the Broad Ripple area, they're by far the best. The only chinese I've had better in Indy is from a place over at 86th and Ditch, and I'm not driving that far for takeout chinese ;)

  2. We used to go there all the time. Their crab rangoons are the best I've had. It's too bad they don't deliver because now we only get Bamboo House. Now they have good hot and sour soup.