Monday, December 5, 2011


After getting into a discussion online with some folks about tenderloins, I really wanted to try Muldoon’s version.  I convinced hubby to go with me (even though he was suffering from a temporary health kick).  We drove up to Carmel, dodged the weirdo statues outside on Main Street, and made our way in.  The place is a pub, a clean, non-smoky pub, but not fancy or anything.  There weren’t a lot of people in there just before noon, but several people came in while we were there.
So we got the tenderloin sandwich ($7.95) and the fish sandwich ($7.95) and it turned out to be the perfect combination.  I really wanted to get the fish and chips over the fish sandwich, but the sandwich was like $3 cheaper, and as it turned out, had the exact same bun as the tenderloin.  So we cut the tenderloin meat in half (it was huge) and both had plenty for each bun.  We ate the fish on its own without a bun (a la fish and chips). Voila! A tenderloin sandwich for each of us AND a nice piece of fish for each of us.

The tenderloin was great.  Just the right way to do a tenderloin—not too thin, hand breaded and homemade.  It was very tender.  We both just added a bit of red onion and mayo and were set.  The bun was perfectly toasted with butter also—not the least bit overdone, just perfectly toasted.  Seriously, this is up there as one of my favorite tenderloins to date.  I don’t know what else to say, other than it was very, very good.
The fish was also really good.  Honestly, I really enjoyed having a bit of each and I think we would be hard pressed to get anything different on a follow up visit, which I would guess will happen soon based on how much hubby has talked about this sandwich since (it may be somewhat challenging to get him to try new ones now that he found one he liked in a non-smoking place).  The fish was cod (as fish and chips should be, in my opinion) and was hand breaded with pretty much the same breading they use on the tenderloin.  The fish was super moist and tender.  The breading is a very light breading with just the right amount of crunch and lots of seasoning.
Fish Sandwich

The downside was the sides—the fries were just your standard food service fries and they were an up charge ($1) actually.  With the tenderloin we went with the standard side of chips and they were just straight out of a bag ruffle cut chips.  I am wondering if any of the other sides are housemade and if any of them are particularly good.  Not that you need the sides, mind you, there is certainly plenty of food with just the sandwiches. I also appreciated a good fizzy fountain soda. I hate it when it isn’t carbonated enough.
I have a quite a large list of places to try just for tenderloins, but I always welcome more (hint, hint).  So far Muldoon’s is up there though.  And don't forget to tell me if there are any better sides to check out too.
111 West Main Street, Suite 100
Carmel, IN 46032

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  1. There isn't much that makes me happier than a pint of Guinness and a tenderloin... I like the one at Muldoon's a lot, but a worthy competitor can be found at Chatham Tap (they have two locations - the original on Mass Ave, and a 2nd one in Fishers on 116th St). I think they have an ever-improving beer selection... and their sides are quite good. The fries KILL the ones at Muldoon's. And as I was leaving a week or two ago, I saw some breadsticks delivered to a table and almost walked into something I was so distracted.

  2. Dead on, one of the best in the city. Agree on the fries.

  3. Ironically I just went there to eat for the first time on Friday evening. Our service was pretty poor, the waitress was kind but super slow. I had the sirloin with the side of vegetables which was canned green beans with a few pieces of bacon thrown in. The steak was tasty and well prepared but the green beans were horrible. Mushy and tasteless. My BF had the fish & chips and had the same thought on the fries.

    We both got side salads which was a good choice. Although it was mostly iceberg there was plenty of fresh toppings and tasty dressing.

    Maybe it's worth a second chance? I'll just avoid the sides and stick with the salad.

  4. I always get the mini-tenderloin at Muldoon's, because the regular is too large. I pay the $1 extra for coleslaw (creamslaw really). Not sure if they make it there or not. It's probably too sweet for most, but I love it. I also like their reubens. It's too bad they don't let you special order the fried rolls and apple butter as sides anymore. (pout, pout)

  5. Tom, thanks! some good sides would be good (it wouldn't be too hard to kill the fries at Muldoon's!) :)

    wibia, good to hear we're in agreement. :)

    Elizabeth, if you do fried stuff, I would recommend trying the tenderloin or fish and chips next time. Salad is a good thought.

    Jane, yeah, I wondered about the mini-tenderloin, we were worried there wouldn't be enough to share, but probably would still be fine. Fried biscuits? yum! Is that a regular appetizer there?

  6. Try Local Eatery. Great tenderloin plus they have tater tots.