Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Daddy's

Finding myself downtown the other day, and after debating where to go with a very indecisive friend, we ended up meeting at Big Daddy’s.  Some of you guys have recommended it and I am always intrigued by bars that serve food that people think is really good.  I also like way they make several things in house—so many bars just go the lazy route and get everything from food service.  It is a bar, so there is an ever-present smell of smoke (although I tend to be a little sensitive to it) but there is a separate dining room away from the actual bar that is less smoky.  The place was mainly full of businessmen (and I say that meaning, men, not women, I think I was one of two women in the whole place).  It is kind of a guy’s guy place—the portions are quite large and the menu is mainly things like burgers, sandwiches and pasta, although I was intrigued by the appetizer of fried chicken livers. I love them when they are done well.

Anyway, I had heard good things about the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich ($7.99) so that is what I ordered (as did my friend).  They generally serve it with chips, but our server said the onion rings were made in house and were good, so I got those for an up charge (about $1.50).  Holy crap, that sandwich was ridiculously big.  Seriously, it was so large you couldn’t even see the buns which were underneath it. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it.  For awhile I just pulled pieces off and ate them on their own.  So the tenderloin itself?  It was interesting.  The flavor was quite good—it was breaded with what appeared to be crushed corn flakes, which gave it a very crunchy and slightly sweet flavor.  I actually quite enjoyed it and have been known to bread things with cornflake crumbs myself.  The disappointing part about it was that it was so thinly pounded, that it suffered the fate of nearly every tenderloin that is pounded that thin.  It was dry. The bun was just your standard white bun, nothing special there. I brought at least half of the pork itself home to hubby to try, and he enjoyed it heated up in the oven for dinner.  He also thought the crust was good, but that it was a little too dry.  The rings were not that impressive to me because they were super wide cut rings, which are not the way I liked them.  And honestly, I would not have guessed that they were housemade.
Our server was nice, and answered all my annoying questions about what things they make in house. I enjoyed the tenderloin because it was prepared differently from most, and had a distinct flavor.  If I went back, and wanted the tenderloin again though, they have an option to split one loin with two buns, and I would go for that (assuming I could convince my dining companion).  There is certainly more than enough food. Although, like I said, I am intrigued by the chicken livers…
Big Daddy’s
2536 South Meridian Street
Indy  46225

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  1. On your next visit try one of their pot roast selections, it's one of my favorites. Also, it has been my experience that the ladies seem to enjoy Big Daddy's (despite the name).

  2. Wow - that is a huge tenderloin. Thanks for sharing!