Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brugge Brasserie - Revisit

I have reviewed Brugge a couple of times, and it is a place I frequent for lunch actually, but since I almost always get the same thing—mussels and frites, doesn’t seem like I can really re-review it.  This time, I found out about something worth mentioning (even though I still got the mussels and frites—one of my favorite things) so I figured I should do a little update.
The mussels were just as good as always, maybe even a little better.  I usually get the classic Provencal style which is mussels cooked with white wine, garlic, butter, shallots and lots of herbs.  This particular day we got the bonus plan on seasoning.  Every once in awhile they are under seasoned, but this time, there was a lot of seasoning which is nice, because with mussels, a lot of it falls to the bottom of the bucket (which is a great place to dip the French bread they give you along with).  The mussels only come in a two pound serving, which in my opinion is plenty for 2 people to share, and with the slightly larger frites, is a great lunch.  For dinner, I would probably want an appetizer too.
And the frites are some of the best around as far as I am concerned.  The frites are cooked a bit darker than most, and have a lot of rich potato-ey flavor. I like that they serve them in paper cones which helps keep the frites stay warm even to the last ones. You also get to choose from all the delicious sauces that for dipping.  We always upgrade from the medium size order that comes with the mussels to the large and get three sauces.  We always get the aioli (garlicky mayo) and the blue cheese and then vary up our third sauce.  We got the sweet chili this time, which was a nice change, but more sweet than chili for me.
But the thing we had that I was surprised at was my son’s lunch.  He had ordered fish and chips, but they hadn’t gotten their fish in for the week yet, so we switched to chicken fingers instead (“doigt de poulet” on their kids menu).  Wow. These things were awesome!  Probably the best chicken fingers I have ever had, not that I am calling myself an expert, but I have had a few in my day.  They were obviously made and battered in house.  They were white meat strips dipped in a tempu style beer batter.  The batter was amazing. It was so light and crispy and with just the little bit of yeasty kick from the beer.  I can only imagine how good the fish and chips must be.  The flavor of it reminded me of my all time favorite deep fried seafood place in California, Barbara’s Fish Trap (they are so old school they don’t even have a website I can link you to).  And they both come with a nice sized portion of those fries. Sadly, they are only on the kids menu though (both of them).  I am seriously wondering if they would serve an adult portion of them….  If not, bring your kids in and share them. If you don’t have a kid, borrow one (I am sure their parents would happily lend them to you and have a meal out to themselves!).
Brugge Brasserie

1011 A East Westfield Blvd.
Indy 46220

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  1. Love Brugge - the sauces for frites (especially garlic) are always amazing!

  2. Jessica in NoblesvilleFebruary 24, 2011 at 8:19 AM

    "If you don’t have a kid, borrow one."

    LOL - That's the best line in a review I've read in a long time! Those must be some damned good chicken fingers. I was planning to go to Taste for brunch on Friday, maybe I'll try Brugge instead ... and maybe they'll let me pretend I'm a kid.

  3. Great, now I have to go find a kid...

  4. hehehehe... I would try and get the fish and chips if they are available, although the chicken is pretty damn good too... if you guys go, let me know what you get and what you think!

  5. Love their duck creppe and frites. Never tried the mussels, but I will now. Maybe tomorrow night even.


  6. We love Brugge too! We usually split a salad (either one) between the 2 or 4 of us then we get the duck confit as a starter...really good. We seem to get the curried mussels and the beurre blanc every time. I love their mayo on the fries. Don't like that they charge extra if you need more bread (2 pieces) to dunk afterward...but hey, there are bigger battles.

  7. FYI they do have a good website with lots of info and menu etc.

  8. @Lisa - I think she was referring to the fish place in California she was comparing the batter to.

  9. Love the mussels and fries at Brugge and will def need to borrow a kid to order some chicken fingers. Thanks for the tip:)

  10. I can assure you you needn't hire a kid to enjoy the items on the kids' menu at Brugge! There's a $3 upcharge if ordered by an adult as the stuff on this menu is actually sold below cost to provide value for those dining with kids, but it's as easy as that.

  11. I love to hear that they are still doing great things in the kitchen. Love me some Millers.

  12. Is it just me? I find their mussels to be overcooked. I much prefer the mussels at Pizzology.