Wednesday, October 27, 2010

El Rincon Jarocho

Well a really, really long time ago, back when I first started my blog, a reader suggested this place to me.  I am not sure why it has taken so long for me to go, because I have had a couple other people mention it since.  My son, who loves quesadillas and beans, was also along for lunch, so I figured this would be a good one to hit with him as well.
First of all, this place is pretty much of a dive on the inside.  That doesn’t bother me, but it is kind of weird because there is a large restaurant attached, but it looks like for lunch, they just open the little front room up.  The whole time we were there, there was only one other paying table (although the staff ate their lunch with us in front of the tv showing Mexican soap operas), so I guess this makes sense.  It looks like they have a more social atmosphere in the evenings, with music and such, judging by the flyers on the walls.
They served chips and salsa.  The salsa was pretty watery and didn’t have a lot of flavor to it.  The chips weren’t bad—they were the thick type. Very crispy, but not warm.  I would say they were made awhile before we ate them. 
So I had read somewhere that the chicken they used in their dishes was really good.  And I have yet to find a really good chicken enchilada in Indy.  So I ordered the chicken enchilada lunch with red sauce (you can get red, green, or mole).  It came with rice and beans and was drizzled with sour cream and sprinkled with cheese.  So, I found the chicken to be pretty lacking in any real flavor, and while the red sauce was very rich and dark in color (and took out my shirt when I got some on myself—seriously that stuff did NOT come out), it was seriously lackluster in flavor.  The chicken was quite dry (ugh, you know I hate dry chicken) and seriously, I can’t come up with many descriptors of this meal.  Well, maybe “nondescript.”  There was nothing about any of it that stood out. 
Hubby had flautas, which he thought were okay (and I agreed after my bite), but there wasn’t much to them except a teeny bit of chicken inside.  They were fried crispy and drizzled with more of the sour cream.  My son had his quesadilla, which he didn’t like because the cheese wasn’t even warm.  He had also ordered guacamole because he prefers it over salsa for his chips.  The guacamole here was made to order, but unfortunately was pretty much as flat as everything else.  Chunks of nice avocado, but mixed only with some onion and cilantro. No acid from lime or even salt appeared to be added. 
I don’t know, maybe this place isn’t really known for the food.  Maybe it’s the nightlife.  But this is a restaurant I will not be repeating.   But keep the Mexican suggestions coming, and I would love to know what specifically you like to eat.  It seems like a lot of Mexican places just sort of use the same ingredients in different wrappers, and sometimes I get burnt out on them all.  So is there some unique dish that you love from someplace around here?  Please, I could use a change of pace.
El Rincon Jarocho
7985 Plummer  Street
Indy 46226

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  1. Have you tried the new tortas place in Fletcher Place? I've been twice, and I love it.

  2. I've started following reviews by this local Yelper: He has a very international palate. I haven't tried his recs for local Mexican yet, but I tend to agree with his other reviews on ethnic restaurants. If you scroll through his reviews, he highly recommends places such as Taqueria Monterrey, Pollo Allegre, Armando's Productos Mexicanos Market, and Mexican In for various regional Mexican specialties. It also looks like he's started hosting an International Supper Club. Salud!

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about El Sol de Tala but I have not been there yet. The menu looks excellent though!

  4. Adobo Grill is my favorite spot in town, but I see from your previous review that you weren't all that thrilled. Besides them, I find it is either Mexican-by-numbers (i.e. La Hacienda, El Rodeo etc)... or authentico, hole in the wall sorts of places.

    There's a taqueria inside of the Mexican Grocery store off Shadeland Ave (a bit S of 38th St) that's VERY good.

    And up in Fishers, I've been reasonably impressed with Riviera Maya (though that's pretty close to the 'by numbers' sort - there are some interesting items on the fringe of the menu... ajo shrimp, enchiladas with a poblano sauce)



  6. Jessica in NoblesvilleOctober 27, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    I also really like Riviera Maya in Fishers. Their salsa is fresh, well-seasoned and just a little chunky. The guacamole is tastier than most places (although Chipotle still has one of the best guacs, IMO). I've been there for lunch a few times and have been very pleased with their tostaguac and chimichanga. One of these days I plan to go with hubby and friends for dinner.

  7. You might try Chile Verde on N Shadeland (in a plaza next to Marsh). I'm pretty picky about tamales, and theirs appeared to be homemade. Very tasty food and good service.

    -- Christian D.

  8. thanks for all the recs you guys!

  9. The only Mexican place I ever consider is Pancho's Taqueria, either on Michigan or 96th and Allisonville. Being from CA, it never disappoints. Try something different like the alambres. And the chicken tacos or the mole chicken enchiladas are my wife's faves.

  10. Coming from someone who grew up in california, I second Pancho's. It's the only local place that has not disappointed me.

    My standard is the carne asada torta, but everything is good. The yucateca salsa (aka green foam) is epic. I often get some to take home.

    Another spot that I've been to lately is the trailer outside sabor bohemio on Washington street, usually late-night. A legit taco truck...

  11. I just tried the Tamale Place on Rockville Rd today for lunch and thought it was excellent - great value for the amount of food and great food, too.

    I'd have no problem calling it the best Mexican food I've had in Indianapolis (so far).

  12. I'm just commenting on the Riviera Maya posts - if you do go, it's 50/50 on the experience you'll get. We loved it the first two times; the last time was SO bad that I don't really want to go back, other than to see if they're more consistent with the first visits or the last one. Last visit we had was horrible. Horrible service (disappearing waiters horrible-tasting food (I remember wishing we'd gone to Taco Bell) - which shocked me because the first 2 visits were so fantastic. Kid-friendy, but I had to get our own kids' menus and extra napkins, even tho we were seated with a 3-yr-old (with 3 adult menus, btw.) Our server completely disappeared for a long time (and I'm a server myself so I'm generous with my praise and stingy with my criticism on servers.) Good luck if you go there.