Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Biscuits Café

Going out to breakfast is something I don't seem to be able to accomplish very often with my family's varying waking schedules (my son usually wakes up at the crack of dawn). However, the Grandparents had the kids at the Children’s Museum and hubby and I found ourselves contemplating the possibility. Of course it was a Saturday, so we knew a lot of places would be packed.

Lately I have been noticing a lot of friends going to Biscuits Café (I have been noticing this courtesy of foursquare, which by the way, the point of which I still do not understand—please feel free to explain). And we were already sort of headed that way anyway (my car just kind of heads toward Taste whenever there is indecision), so we gave it a try.

This is an interesting combination because it is half a breakfast menu, half a Mexican menu, with several combo items, featuring Mexican breakfast items. Now I am familiar with huevos rancheros, but there were several other options as well. While being somewhat intrigued by a breakfast chimichanga, I settled on the breakfast quesadilla at the encouragement of my very friendly server.

This was a really large tortilla stuffed with so much stuff; it was hard to really even taste all the ingredients. There were (according to the menu), eggs, potatoes, chorizo, and cheese but it was all so mashed together, it was hard to really get an egg flavor from it. Although I did think the flavor was good and hearty. It came with a side of rice and refried beans, which were your standard decent rice and beans. I got a little side of sour cream to go with my quesadilla just because it needed a little something. That worked. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. I just wish I could have tasted the eggs a little more.

I also ordered a biscuit on the side, because, well, the place is called “Biscuits” right? So they better have good biscuits. And they did. It was really good actually. ut that biscuit convinced me that next time I am just going to try a straight breakfast dish with biscuits and see how that goes.

Hubby had the huevos rancheros which is usually, a tortilla with beans, eggs and salsa stacked on top. In this case, it was eggs cooked to order (he got them over easy) with salsa on top and the tortillas, beans and rice of the side. I guess it was sort of a make your own thing. He enjoyed it, particularly after he mixed it all together. His complaint (other than he prefers it all stacked together) was that he likes it when the tortilla is grilled a little so that it is a little bit stiffer to hold up to all the stuff on top.

The interior is your basic plain Jane breakfast place— but very clean. I did like the cute little bar stools along the counter. I also liked that they gave you little checkered cloth napkins instead of paper. The place was quite crowded although we were seated right away. But by the time we left I think just about every table was full.

Based on what we had, I think Biscuits is a safe bet to add to the rotation for breakfast—not sure about as a choice for Mexican yet. But I will certainly give it another try. But of course, it begs the question….what’s your favorite Mexican and/or breakfast joint in town?

Biscuits Café
1035 Broad Ripple Ave
Indy 46220

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  1. For Mexican food, I'm a big fan of all of the taquerias located in the Carneceria Guanajuato locations around town. There's one at 30th and Shadeland, one by Lafayette Square, and one on the near southwest side on Morris St.

    The menu is simple, tacos, tortas, burritos, and a few other things. The quality and value are incredible. They are very busy, so the high turnover means fresh food prepared in a clean, open kitchen. I can't really recommend them enough.

  2. My favorite mexican place is Hoaglin's To Go, downtown on Mass Ave.... I prefer it over Patachou and Taste (but I'm biased to downtown)... there is something about the eggs at Taste that I don't care for, especially when in a burrito or sandwich. The signature omelette at Hoaglins is fantastic.

  3. Oops... meant Hoaglins is my favorite breakfast place.....

  4. Last time I was at Biscuit a few weeks ago I noticed that all of the cooks and staff are Mexican. I had the chilaquiles with chorizo for breakfast, which was very good. My wife had a Denver omelotte, which was just ok. I'd stick with the Mexican items, although your husband's huevos don't sound that inspiring.

    As far as other Mexican places, I'd say easily the best I've had in Indy was El Sol de Tala. Only been there once, food was excellent but it's quite a hike from our house and it's not in the greatest neighborhood. I can make pretty good Mexican myself at home, I haven't felt it's worth a return trip yet.

    Last couple times at La Hacienda and La Piedad I'd just as soon forget.

  5. You chose this placed based on friends posting to four square. I think that makes four square something of value ;)

  6. thanks you guys for all your suggestions---and I do like Hoaglin, but have only been once.

    Deb- I thought about that, and I can see why that is a benefit for businesses, it is basically free advertising--but I don't get what the benefit is to the patrons I guess...

  7. My favorite breakfast kitchen!

    Not many other places around here where I can conveniently get wonton noodle soup, bak kut teh, siu mai & lor mai fan, a nice new york strip and linguine w/ truffle sauce (at 9 am), short ribs and winter melon soup, etc etc . I think you get the idea. :-) :-)

    But other than that, I've never really gone out for breakfast here in Indy. When I was living in the NJ/NY (Bergen/Essex counties area) I would on occassion, and then usually go to various local diners (I mean the old-style diners) and get some variation of eggs (lots) with bacon/steak/hash browns/sausage/ham etc. Ditto in NYC if I found myself there in the wee hours of the morn. Good stuff. Bad coffee.

    I don't know of any "old-style diners" in Indy within decent range of me (esp. the old "railcar-type" buildings once used, and which were really diners rather than some yuppiefied fashionable place to go)

    As for Mexican food - can't say Ive ever been keen on it.

  8. Great post! Biscuits is always a great option and the service is incredible. You should try their biscuits and gravy (with the spicy gravy).

    Based on food alone, I think Zest is my favorite breakfast spot in the city. Their service is absolutely terrible, though =(

  9. 100% agree with Condimentality.

    For Mexican breakfast, I usually stay at home. There is a small breakfast chapter in the Mesa Grill Cookbook(Bobby Flay, I know)that is really solid. Also "Tacos" by Mark Miller has a few breakfast tacos that are worth a try.

  10. Jessica in NoblesvilleAugust 12, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    As a north sider, I have to claim Bub's Cafe in Carmel as the best local breakfast/lunch ( All made on-site, cooked to order, donut holes the size of a cue ball. They have the best sausage gravy I've ever had, and sandwiches are also great (parmesan-encrusted steak and cheese is to die for). They're located on the monon, so you can walk/bike there.

  11. You can't go to Biscuits and not get the Biscuits and Gravy ! The B&G is great there and a half order is huge and only about $3