Tuesday, January 12, 2010


If we are in the mood for a little drive, Kincaid’s is still one of our favorite places to go for lunch. I love love love this salad they have—which I have reviewed before, the Maytag Blue Cheese and bay shrimp salad. I have a really hard time not ordering this when I go because I like it so much, but I did manage to get a soup and salad combination this time to try the clam chowder as well.

Now in the combo when you get the salad, you usually do not get the shrimp on the salad, just the lettuce, blue cheese, almonds, and crumbled egg with the blue cheese dressing. But I asked for some shrimp to be put on top anyhow, and they did this for a few extra bucks. As usual, the salad was really good (especially after a squeeze of lemon over the shrimp). And as I prefer, it is tossed for you so you get the proper proportion of dressing to leaves. You sort of have to dump it out of the bowl though to really eat it, because it is so full. And really a pretty nice size for lunch, especially with something else. But it was just as good as always...

The clam chowder was enjoyable as well—not the best I have ever had, but it was nice and chunky with large, recognizable pieces of clam as well as quite a bit of diced potato. It was a nice hearty soup on a cold day. And hey, at least I tried something new right?

Hubby had fish and chips and they were very good as well—nicely battered and the cod inside was flaky but still really moist. The fries are also quite good—the thin seasoned fries that are the ones I like best...

The kids really like this place too—my son had fettuccine alfredo and loved it. And with a side of fries with your pasta, how can you go wrong? I included a picture of his meal just so you could get an idea of what the kids portions look like (actually pretty much the same portions as the adult combo meals). They also get what the restaurant calls “the world’s smallest ice cream sundae” which is far from small as far as I can tell. A large scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

I have also mentioned before the bread they serve—herby focaccia bread with a garlic butter melted on top. I really like this bread. Unfortunately, so do the kids, so we fight over it (they will bring you more though if you need it).

All in all, as I have said before, this is a great place for lunch. Although one thing about it confuses me—the dinner menu is not nearly as exciting as the lunch menu. Whenever we have thought about going up for dinner, the menu just doesn’t intrigue us that much—more of a basic steak and chop house menu. Not sure why the lunch menu is so much more creative.

14159 Clay Terrace Blvd
Carmel, 46032


  1. Nice review, but a kids lunch of pasta, fries, and bread?? Can we say 'carbohydrate overload'?

  2. I love Kincaids, and am actually pretty pleased with their dinner menu. The nightly specials are what make it ... well ... special. Their seafood is always nicely prepared and presented rather simply, which I feel is appropriate for such high-quality fish. Their sauces are usually spot-on, and the chefs sometimes get adventurous with international flavors. My favorites of the appetizer menu are the wonderfully spicy fried calamari and teriyaki tenderloin in tasty bite-size chunks. And yes, the bread is out of this world. If you make nice with your waiter, you might be able to talk them into slipping you a big batch of bread in a take-home box.

  3. Did the happy hour in the bar once, ordered about 5 items with a group and wasn't impressed ….haven’t been back since. I just can’t find anything there that I really like and I haven’t heard any raves to make me want to return.

  4. Disclaimer- I am a long-time FOH employee at Kincaids.

    The kids items have more side choices including vegetables so a carb overload is not required.

    Anyways, I agree that our standard dinner menu is a bit boring. We do have a special, more seasonal and exciting menu that changes on a bi-weekly basis. At least, thats the way it was for awhile. Unfortunately, for a bit, we had an exec chef and GM whose passion was questionable. However our new exec, Micheal Richards, is extremely passionate and creative and is doing much more exciting things with our menu, and our new GM is very supportive of his vision. Our corporate website does not support us posting our changing menu but please feel free to call any day and we will inform you of our latest offerings.

    I promise Im not trying to use your site as free advertising- I am an avid reader of both indyrestscene and WIBIA and just wanted to share this info!