Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aesop's Tables


Really struggling for something new and different for lunch, we ran down the list and decided to try Aesop’s Tables. We always see it when we are on Mass Ave, and today seemed like the day.

The first thing I noticed was the very friendly greeting we got upon entering—I appreciate a warm welcome in a restaurant. The second thing I noticed was how cold it was in there. It was a warm day, but man, it was freezing. I am sure I have mentioned this before, but one of my restaurant pet peeves, that seems to happen in this city more than any other I have been in, is the way so many places are always freezing cold—especially in the Summer. It can be 90 degrees out, but you’ll often find me carting a sweater around just in case. Unfortunately, I forgot this day so I just had to be cold. We did ask them to turn the ceiling fan directly over us off, which helped a little.

Anyway, I liked the fact that while this menu has a lot of Greek dishes on it, it also has several other regional dishes as well. It was only lunch, so I couldn’t go too crazy, but I wanted to try a few things, so I got the “Aesop’s dipping plate” as well as a cup of the lobster bisque which is noted as a house specialty as well. Hubby had a gyro.

Probably the best thing was the lobster bisque—it was very brightly colored though and very thick, thicker than any lobster bisque I have had, but it had a good flavor. And you could really taste the lobster. Hubby thought it was the best thing we had, and declared he would go back for it.

The dip plate was Tuscan bean dip, hommous, and a feta/sundried tomato spread. They were all just ok, all a bit dry for my taste. I don’t like my bean dips too runny, but I don’t like them so dry that you can’t really dip in them, you have to spread. You could see all the herbs in the Tuscan bean dip, but it still tasted sort of bland. The hommous tasted like humous, but was also sort of bland--maybe a bit more garlic? A bit more lemon? The feta/sundried tomato was interesting, but was so much stronger in flavor, it overpowered the others a bit. The plate was served with nicely warmed, tasty pita as well as French bread. I also ordered a few extra olives on the side. I really like eating olives with my hommous. Hell, I like eating olives just about any time really. I just really like olives.

Hubby thought the gyro was fine, nothing special, and not horrible. I did like that when you ordered your drink; they brought you a little carafe of extra at the same time so you certainly never ran out of your drink. The service was efficient but laid back.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad place, but not sure I’d be rushing back in. Tell me though; do you have any suggestions for good lunch places that I have maybe never heard of? I need some new places to add to the list.

Aesop’s Tables
600 East Mass Ave
Indy 46204
317-631-0055 (nice website by the way!)


  1. My question in places like that is "do you make your own hummous, etc in house?" Same with the lobster bisque. They're not always honest, but I've really started pushing back on restaurant supply pre-made stuff, especially at places that should know better. (I'd be very surprised if they were back there breaking down their own lobsters for bisque at Aesop's Table. But maybe pleasantly so? Perhaps someone will be along to tell us?)

  2. I've only eaten here once and it was at lunch, too. My dad and I both got gyros, which were eh, I thought, but my mom got the tabouli, which was by far the best dish we ordered. I haven't been back, but I would definitely order the tabouli (if you plan on a revisit).

  3. I really like the salad with gyro meat. Don't remember what it is called. Maybe Margaret's salad. I would eat at Aesop's more often if the seats were more comfortable. But, more importantly, I am not sure of their hours. When in the evenings are they open? I have been downtown on busy nights and Aesop's is dark.

  4. Braingirl-you are right, and I am trying to be more questioning about what is "housemade" these days myself.

    Anon: I SO agree about the chairs. I actually meant to mention them in my review and forgot. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Hi Erin! Have you tried Three Sisters for lunch or brunch? They're my new standby for good food in Broadripple. They're also now open for dinner!

    I live in Broadripple and enjoy reading your reviews - keep it up! :)

  6. Great website. I am working thru some of your restaurant suggestions and enjoying the first few that I have tried. I think you should try Traders Point Creamery for lunch. My family did the tour and shared the cheese plate with their amazing chocolate milk. My kids loved the chickens and cows. I cannot vouche for the quality of their lunch but it looks worth trying. Besides, it is worth the trip just to sit in their loft restaurant and enjoy this local gem. Truely original and good.

  7. Anon- thanks and that is a fine idea. I do love several of the Traders Point items (as do my kids) but the tour and all is an excellent family idea.

    I have been to 3 sisters awhile back. Need to do a formal review here soon. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Take a trip to the Eastside and try Papa Roux. Great po-boys

  9. For a good lunch try Simone's Cafe (or maybe G. Simone's Cafe) in Zionsville. It's located right below Plum's Upper Room. They have really good sandwiches and a delightful staff.

    Plum's is also good for lunch.

    The food in both places is fresh and interesting and made in house.

  10. Trader's Point has the greatest BLT in town. Seriously. Wow.