Tuesday, July 7, 2009

100th Post

I just noticed this previous post was my 100th and I felt like celebrating! (Maybe I watch too much TV--they are always making a big deal out of the 100th episode). Just wanted to take another moment to thank all of you, dear readers, and remind you that I love your feedback (even when you don't agree) and I truly appreciate your recommendations. Let me know if you have any suggestions for restaurants, or for anything else about my blog. I have a great time writing it, and I hope you have a great time reading it.




  1. Thanks for all your hard work. We really appreciate your reviews.
    -Disgruntled Foodie

  2. Congrats! 100 eh? That's pretty flippin awesome!

  3. Try Sangiovese Restaurant

  4. Nice work. I enjoy reading your blog! Some good local restaurants I haven't seen reviewed on your site: Bonge's Tavern, King David Dogs, Workingman's Friend, and Brugges.

  5. thanks for everyone's recs--keep em coming. And anon, Brugges is coming very soon!



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