Thursday, April 3, 2008


***This restaurant is closed as of January 2009****

Has always been one of my favorite restaurants in this city simply because it is always different. And they really try to mix it up, not just with the menus, but with each item as well. They have those "layered" flavors that my hubby claims I am partial to. On a recent visit, we decided we would try several of the smaller courses and it was quite enjoyable. I had the scallop ceviche, which was DELICIOUS. It is a traditional ceviche preparation (with Mexican flavors and authentic Mexican tortilla chips, clearly handmade) with avocado, cilantro and lots of lime. I will definitely get this again next time I go if it is still on the menu.

I also had the salad with mushrooms and chopped egg, which I ordered because I love wild mushrooms and truffles (which are in the vinaigrette that comes on it) and was a little disappointed. I was actually a little freaked out by the wild mushrooms which did not appear to be cooked, and I have always thought that they must be cooked if they are foraged. Anyway, I ate it and enjoyed it (and nothing terrible happened) but I probably won't get it again... I had the goat cheese and onion tart this time (which I have had before). It was really good (and better than the first time) and all in all was a very enjoyable meal. I look forward to my next meal which I hope has a slightly larger nod toward Spring which is my favorite food season of them all...

The wine choices are always good here and even though it was a Wednesday, not a historically busy night for restaurants as we can see, they had a fair crowd. The ambiance is still a bit stark, but with each visit, there seems to be a bit more art, and feels a little warmer.

Also, if you do upromise, (and if you have kids, you should be) they give 8% back on your bill which is awesome!

If you like to see something a little unique on the menu, go here, and go now. I love this place.

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