Monday, January 14, 2008

Oceanaire and the Portions

Ok, I have to vent about something. What is the deal with the enormous portion sizes and restaurants in this city?? We recently went to Oceanaire, where I have been on many occasions in the past, but every time I am shocked at how much friggin' food they put in front of you. They charge for all that food too, I assure you.

The thing is, the food is generally good, and sometimes even great. But whenever we are going there, I have to start my game plan way in advance. OK, who can I get to split something with me? How can I work this so I don't feel stuffed just from looking at the food they put down in front of me before I have a bite? Here's what I mean, knowing what I know, I went in with my plan. There were 4 of us dining. Between 4 people, we split 2 apps. The fried oysters (which are quite good--and get rave reviews from hubby who lived in New Orleans for 4 years.) and the crab cake (as mentioned in previous post, the only good one in this City I am afraid).

I decided to get a crab Louis salad for my main (which considering it is $20 seems fair). (Although there are no mains on the menu for $20--most are in the $30's at least). OK, it is a good salad with a good Louis dressing. BUT, there were like 4 heads of lettuce in the salad and 2 large tomatoes. Next time, I will ask for about 1/3 as much lettuce and tomatoes. I will keep all the crab though, and it is also very generous.

The other 3 diners shared ONE chopped salad and had more then enough. One companion had a starter for his main, and the others (Having never been before) each ordered their own entree. Oh, and we ordered a side of au gratin and creamed spinach. First, let me say before I forget, skip the spinach. The au gratins are good and are enough for 4 (we had some left over).

We were BLOATED when we left. When the server asked if we wanted dessert, I was thinking, "are you serious?" And in the past, when it was new to me, we made the mistake of ordering dessert. They would easily serve 4 and they aren't that good.

I do want to say the food at Oceanaire is good. Very good. But really, I think everyone would be better off with half the portions (on most things) and half the price.

Ok, I know I said I would talk about R Bistro and Meridian next, but had to stick this in. I promise the rest soon.


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