Thursday, December 20, 2012

A couple of rolls - Wild Ginger and Wasabi on 82nd

So I have randomly eaten a couple of rolls at a couple of different places—both when hubby was out of town, and both with my kids, who seem to always be game for Japanese food.  And I always appreciate that there is no fear my son having an allergic reaction, since Japanese food rarely uses any kind of nuts. Interestingly, Wasabi (the second one I discuss here) was originally owned by the people who own Wild Ginger now.  So I guess it isn’t surprising that there are several similar items on the menus.

Anyhow, the first dinner was Wild Ginger on 116th Street in Fishers—the kids were totally into it, I have to say.  They loved the origami crane light fixture (a cool idea) and our table in the window (the place is certainly kid friendly).  They split an order of chicken teriyaki and I ordered a roll and a couple of orders of nigiri to split with my son. 

Wild Ginger

The roll I had there was the “mistake roll” ($7) which was spicy tuna inside and then the entire thing is lightly tempura fried.  There was also spicy mayo drizzled on top.  Honestly, I didn’t really care for it that much mainly because all I could really taste was the rice and the sauce.  The amount of the spicy tuna inside was very minimal, and the amount of rice certainly dominated. I appreciated the crunch on the outside, but overall, there wasn’t enough of a fish (or really anything else) flavor to make it interesting for me.  The couple of pieces of nigiri ($4.75 per order) were kind of mixed too—I liked the albacore with the ponzu citrus sauce that is served under it (although I had to ask for it even though it is listed on the menu), but the fish on both orders of nigiri was not as tender as I would have liked—it seemed like it might have been sliced awhile ago or something.
Indy Roll- Wasabi
The other roll I had more recently with the kids once again, was at Wasabi on 82nd. The kids also enjoy this place because they like sitting at the sushi bar and watching them make everything. I ordered the “Indy roll” ($15)—this one was stuffed with shrimp tempura and then topped with thin sliced tuna, salmon and avocado.  The whole thing was drizzled with eel sauce and mayo and topped with a bit of fish roe.  Not including the sauce, this is my kind of roll—a little bit of nearly all my favorite things in a roll—crunch from the tempura, tuna, and avocado—and the fish was nice and very thinly cut. And it was a roll I could fit into my mouth without any crazy contortions.  I thought the sauce was a little over the top though.  I really could have lived without the just plain mayo (I scraped most of it off).  I like a little bit of some sauce just to add some moisture, but I think I would ask them to hold the mayo. The eel sauce (a sweetened soy based sauce) was good, but there was maybe just a bit too much as well (although a lot of it was on the plate, so it was easier to avoid if you didn’t want too much).  The tuna nigiri ($4.95) here was very good—it seemed really fresh and tender and was a very generous portion.

Of the two, I certainly preferred the Wasabi roll, although they are so different, it is really unfair to even compare them.  I would be willing to try either place again, although Wasabi is much more convenient for me. I do think it tends to be a little on the expensive side. So what are your favorite rolls at these places? 

Wild Ginger
8235 East 116th Street
Fishers, IN 46038

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Wasabi on 82nd
5025 East 82nd Street
Indy 46250

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